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Kimberly C.

"I don't usually get massages. I was lucky enough to get a gift card to Ojas a couple of years ago. I went to the Mount Washington location and had a 90 minute massage. So worth it! I vowed to go back and have another, and just fulfilled that wish with the help of another gift card. You can set up and pay for appointments online, which is very convenient... At first [they] shroud you in warmth and fragrant essential oils, but then [they] get brutal on your back, leaving your muscles knot-free. The staff is friendly, and the environment relaxing. I love Ojas!"

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Amy E.

"In love with Ojas. The atmosphere alone is so relaxing. I have the wellness pass which is a discounted plan I use for massages and facials. Love the therapists and receptionists, everyone is always so nice! Oh and the lemon cucumber water? What more can a girl ask for?"

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Jessica B.

"I just wanted to let you guys know that my mom and uncle came in tonight to get intro massages. Both loved them!! My uncle travels all over the world as a merchant marine and has been to a lot of wellness centers and massage places and said that Ojas is the nicest one he has ever been to anywhere!!! He commented on how peaceful and zen like it was! I just wanted to pass along the complement! You guys do a great job with this place! We love Ojas!"

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Carole M.

"I have been a client of the Ojas Wellness Center for several years and it has become a very important part of my own personal wellness routine. My visits to Ojas on a bi-weekly basis have become an important part of my health regimen that I consider a necessity, not a luxury. I lead a very active life as a travel agent and continually escort groups on tours both locally and throughout the world. Throughout my travel schedule, I have had the opportunity to experience massages and wellness treatments on many occasions by a variety of people. Now, instead of booking a massage on a cruise or tour, I just wait until I return home for a superior treatment from my massage therapist at Ojas. She customizes the session just for me and I appreciate not only her expertise but also her caring manner. Everyone at Ojas is friendly and caring to all of their clients."

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Liz A.

"Discovering Ojas was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I honestly don’t know how I lived without regular massage. (Well, I do know: I lived with my neck and shoulders being miserably tight and sore all the time!) My regular therapist is amazing! She is very intuitive and listens both to what I tell her and what my body tells her. She is always learning more about massage and developing her repertoire of techniques. Her massage feels completely customized to me. All of the therapists and staff at Ojas are knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. I look forward to every visit and relax the minute I walk in the door."

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John B.

"Take care of your temple. Since Kelly launched Ojas in late 2003, my life is continuously made better by massage therapy here. The positive environment and the skill and dedication of the therapists make a massage session at Ojas a reward I always look forward to."

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Skin Care

Elyse C.

"I just wanted to write and let you know how wonderful my experience was at Ojas on Saturday! I've been going to Ojas for years for massages and yoga but this past Saturday was my first facial and I had the most wonderful experience. My esthetician was Rachel at Hunt Valley and she was wonderful! I had a very stressful week and it was so relaxing and rejuvenating! My skin looks so fresh and radiant now, I can't wait to schedule my next appointment. I'm so glad to have Ojas in the area! You have a customer for life!"

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Reneé P.

"I would like to acknowledge Ojas and my aesthetician for providing me with an excellent and relaxing experience. I have been coming to Ojas for several years now for my massages and this was the first time I have received a facial. I will definitely be returning. From the moment I enter your store to the time I leave, I always feel welcomed, taken care of, and relaxed! The facial I received was by far the best I have received out of at least six facials from other places. My aesthetician was very tuned in to my needs: she asked questions about my skin and tailored my facial to my needs. The environment was very relaxing: dark and warm with serene music playing. In addition to my facial, I received a massage of my shoulders, arms, and feet. I had such a great experience I scheduled my next facial with her right away. I am very happy to be her client and would highly recommend Ojas services to anyone who wants the most enjoyable and relaxing experience."

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Susan S.

"My aesthetician at Ojas is skilled and professional in all areas. Her bikini waxing is the least painful of any I have ever had. Her facials are excellent. She leaves my body relaxed and my skin glowing."

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Karen M.

"My classes at Ojas are a challenging yet rewarding experience. Whether by introducing a new pose, working on an old one, or adding a challenging aspect to one I’ve already mastered, my instructor proves that yoga is truly a workout, not just “sitting around saying om.” It is this sense of humor and positive attitude that makes even the most difficult poses more fun (and keeps me coming back for more). I am continually amazed by her ability to connect with each student in the class. This was true when I first started coming and remains true now that I’ve been coming to her class each week for about five months. Her constant reminders to breathe, smile, and work with your body make yoga an approachable and joyful experience; but it also makes it easy to set weekly progress goals. When I come to her class, I expect to be adjusted during the pose in the proper way, congratulated when I finally master the pose on my own, to laugh, and to leave class each week feeling content, refreshed, rejuvenated, and proud of what I have accomplished."

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Janice P.

"My instructor at Ojas is a wonderful yoga teacher, combining an in-depth understanding of the practice and a bit of humor to push you further than you ever thought you could go. I leave every class feeling a sense of accomplishment."

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Kim S.

"You have taught me so much about how to take care of my back. When I first started yoga privates, I was scared to do any back bending or twisting, but now I know how to lengthen my spine. I also love the body awareness."

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Theresa S.

"My Pilates teacher at Ojas brings with her a limitless supply of energy, fun, and enthusiasm to class. She has an amazing capacity to help visualize the proper position and perfect the technique. After two years, she continues to challenge me and as helped me become stronger, leaner, and much more toned. I was always a little skeptical when I heard people talk about core training and say that "if your core is strong, everything else will fall into place," but I truly a believer now. I have never been in better shape - backaches are gone; my muscles look longer and leaner"

Bethany B.

"Pilates class at Ojas is uniquely challenging. My instructor avoids routines in favor of a new combination of exercises each class. Her knowledge of anatomy and her willingness to tailor the class to students’ requests keep us engaged and committed."

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Jill R.

"My Pilates workouts are amazing! My teacher is so much fun!"

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Pam S.

"I can’t believe that I am paying someone to make me work this hard! But it is totally worth it. I love Pilates privates at Ojas."

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Anne B.

"Thank you so much for getting me an appointment with Lina. She is quite an amazing and accomplished young woman and has such a gentle way about her! I was so relaxed after the acupuncture that I wasn't sure I would be able to prepare dinner, but I did! Thanks so much for all this healing help!"

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Josephine M.

"My acupuncture experience has been life changing. At first, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work. I had very minimal exposure to acupuncture before this. I had seen flyers in the fertility clinic offering free trials during IVF cycles. My perception of acupuncture was that it was strictly for stress relief, but I soon learned that it is a very complex approach to treating much more. The first thing [my acupuncturist] said to me was that this is a process that takes time. A few months before, that would not have been what I wanted to hear because I wanted only to focus on how to get pregnant fast. However, [my acupuncturist] was very reassuring and confident that this was going to be a positive and healthful experience that was going to treat many aspects of me, not just one. We would certainly focus on my fertility issues but it became evident that if I approached this with an open mind, with patience and diligence, I would discover just what acupuncture would have in store for me, both mentally and physically. From the very first visit, it became very clear that this process was more than just lying on a table and meditating with a few needles in me. [My acupuncturist] did a complete, and very thorough, intake of my medical history, mental/emotional outlook, fertility experience, work life, home life, social life, diet, and exercise. I have been getting acupuncture weekly now for almost seven months. Each time, I discover just how it helps with whatever it is that my body requires that week. It could help boost my energy, relieve PMS, sharpen my mental focus, and even relieve tension from sore muscles. But the biggest joy that has come from this experience is that I became pregnant and am expecting our child in April! I’m continuing with weekly acupuncture throughout my pregnancy as it helps to build blood and increase circulation, and relieve stress, nausea, and back pain. I certainly plan to use acupuncture throughout my life to enjoy better physical and mental health."

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"Acupuncture has honestly changed my life. Since the age of 16, I have had issues with depression and I am now in my early 30s. On and off over the years I would feel so hopeless and desperate and I would go on medication for the depression. I was very resistant to it and was concerned about what it was really doing to my body. I stopped taking the medications, with my doctor’s guidance, almost three years ago and started acupuncture to help with the depression. I used to think things wouldn’t get better with my depression. I also had trouble with facing things and dealing with things before, but now I want to work on them and get past them no matter how long it may take. I truly feel like I can handle the bad days, and know inside myself that things will get better. I also went to acupuncture for chronic lower back pain, which it has been able to relieve. I know I have to do the work when it comes to eating better and exercising. [My acupuncturist] is caring, thorough, knowledgeable, sweet, and has a beautiful spirit. [My acupuncturist’s] treatments and her words of wisdom have helped me tremendously. I am a changed woman because of her gifts."

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Laurel C.

"Receiving acupuncture has connected me to my body and all of its aspects, not just physical but also mental, emotional, and spiritual, in ways that Western medicine and psychotherapy don’t. That is not to say that traditional Western treatments aren’t helpful, but acupuncture and the ideas and practices it includes have a way of tying those things together, rather than only acknowledging one aspect, be it physical or mental, and treating it in isolation. This connected approach has made me much more aware of the power that I have to nourish myself in multiple ways. Rather than feeling that I need a pill or an appointment to deal with depression, anxiety, pain, or an infection, acupuncture (and my practitioner) empowers me to think about ways to use my own resources to address my symptoms, while it also supports health and healing with treatment. This also makes me aware of the responsibility I have to nurture myself both physically and spiritually. I get sick much less frequently than I did before acupuncture. I look forward to treatments because I know I will feel great afterwards: relaxed, able to rest, able to concentrate. I think the best word for it is balanced."

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Kay R.

"I have been going to acupuncture for more than two years. I initially went for a shoulder injury resulting from a car accident. Several years of therapy could not do what two acupuncture treatments did! I no longer have any discomfort in my shoulder! I have also been treated for an injured knee, which my dog stepped on and pushed in the “wrong direction.” I came into the office limping and after my treatment could walk again! I am so impressed with the results I’ve gotten from acupuncture treatments. I know it is a mind-body-spirit experience. Everything is connected and I not only get great results physically, but spiritually and mentally too. When I leave acupuncture everything is visibly brighter; it literally sparkles wherever I look! "

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Carolyn F., age 35, physician

"During the short time I’ve been seeing my acupuncturist, I’ve undergone several treatments, including those aimed at unblocking my childhood scars caused by spina-bifida. I have certainly noticed an increased ability to relax and sleep at the end of a long day. I’ve also found over the last few weeks that my lower back has started to feel looser. I have been impressed with her diligence and willingness to work with my complicated medical background. Even more essential is her patience, compassion, and vested interest in her patients."

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Kelsey R., age 15, 10th grade student

"Going for acupuncture treatments is really relaxing and enjoyable. Talking with my acupuncturist during treatment helps my mind and spirit. The treatments she has given me have helped with my shyness. I’ve been opening up to new people and I love that. Acupuncture has helped me physically, emotionally, and spiritually."

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Yogina D., age 25, medical student

"My acupuncturist’s professional manner and genuine passion for her work made my acupuncture experience an unforgettable one. Her care and concern for my overall well-being allowed me to feel a personal growth from inside out. I was dealing with a lot of personal issues that were holding me back from progressing in life. With treatments, I was able to move forward and overcome my pain. I put my sole trust in my acupuncturist and the treatments. Today, I couldn’t see myself any happier with how my life is going."

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Deirdre H., age 43, teacher

"I honestly cannot believe how different I am since I started coming in for acupuncture treatments. When I first came in, I was angry and felt I had lost complete control over my life. On top of that, I was skeptical that acupuncture could help me, but I wanted to give it a shot. Working with my acupuncturist has allowed me to understand my situation and I am now able to handle each moment with greater ease. I am open to healing my body and my mind. I notice that I am a calmer and happier person than I was six months ago. I am grateful for my acupuncturist’s dedication and support."

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