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    FREE Pre-Consultation

    15 min Free!

    We want you to feel comfortable! Schedule a complimentary 15-minute pre-consultation to get to know our acupuncturists and have your questions answered. Your free session can be held at any of our locations or over the phone, for your convenience.

  • *Savings for New Clients only!

    New Client Consultation and Treatment

    90 mins $99.99

    Acupuncture really works! The National Institute of Health (NIH) agrees and recognizes acupuncture as a proven treatment. In your New Client Consultation, our licensed acupuncturists will address your specific needs and you’ll receive your first treatment.

  • Acupuncture Treatment

    60 mins $105

    Your customized acupuncture treatment will continue after your initial consultation until your body is healed!

Benefits of Ojas Acupuncture

  • Treat back pain and other forms of chronic pain
  • Significantly reduce stress
  • Treat depression and anxiety

"My acupuncture experience has been life-changing. I have been getting acupuncture weekly now for almost seven month and each time, I discover just how it helps with whatever it is that my body requires that week. It helps boost my energy, relieve PMS, sharpen my mental focus, and even relieve tension from sore muscles. But the biggest joy that has come from it is becoming pregnant! I certainly plan to use acupuncture throughout my life to enjoy better physical and mental health."

-Josephine M.

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