• A $35 Savings for New Clients only!

    New Client Custom Wellness Massage

    60 min: $69.99 90 min: $99.99

    Our Wellness Massage is fully customized to meet your individual needs. Relax, reduce stress and experience relief from pain as our expert massage therapists employ relaxing Swedish techniques, therapeutic deeper pressure, or a combination of both, to deliver ultimate health and wellness benefits. 

  • A $25 Savings for New Clients only!

    New Client Personalized Organic Facial

    45 min: $79.99

    With this naturally based, personalized facial, you will leave with your skin healthy and glowing. Our certified estheticians will perform a total skin analysis then complete your facial with deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), individualized treatment masque, moisturizer application, and massage.

Benefits of Wellness

How can taking time for myself impact my everyday?

  • You'll feel more relaxed, refreshed and energetic
  • You'll feel radiant from lower stress and fewer toxins
  • Your skin will glow, your mind will be clear, and you'll have a more positive outlook 
Anti-aging Weight Loss

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Himalayan salt for total body detox, pain relief and more! 

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The body’s natural thirst signals are often mistaken for signs and symptoms of other illnesses. Over our lifespan we gradually become chronically dehydrated. If we treat this root problem, we may be able to avoid unnecessary and invasive procedures and medications.

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"I just wanted to let you guys know that my mom and uncle came in tonight to get intro massages. Both loved them! My uncle travels all over the world as a Merchant Marine and has been to a lot of wellness centers and massage places. He said that Ojas is the nicest one he has ever been to anywhere! He commented on how peaceful and Zen-like it was! We love Ojas!"

-Jessica B.

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