• 60-Minute Custom Massage

    Upgrade to a 90-Minute Massage: only $30

  • 45-Minute Personalized Organic Facial

    Upgrade to a 60-Minute Facial: only $10 

    Additional Upgrades available!

In addition to discounted monthly services, you’ll receive these member benefits:

  •  Services roll over for up to 6 months (Our plan isn't "Use or Lose")
  • ​ 10% off all waxing services
  • ​A “Family WellPass” option, which allows your entire family to enjoy the benefits of wellness for a one-time $25, per family member, registration fee. Your first family member is free when you sign up!
Anti-aging Weight Loss

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Himalayan salt for total body detox, pain relief and more! 

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How to Recognize Reverse Breathing

Quick, try this now: place your hand on your belly and take a deep breath in. 

What happened? Did your chest expand and belly contract so that your hand moved in toward your spine. Uh oh! You are doing what is called "paradox or reverse breathing."

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