Massage Practitioners Wanted!

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When you’re part of Ojas, you’re part of a community that feels like home.

We believe that our team deserves a place they can trust, feel at home, and be part of an award winning wellness community.  At Ojas, you will feel supported, appreciated, empowered, and respected for the work you do. 

We take care of all the details, so you can be your best and most successful self. We are seeking team members who are positive, motivated, and reliable, with exceptional professionalism to meet our high services standards. 

Our Values:

  • We believe deeply that when we all feel good, we have a positive impact on our work, home, and community environments.
  • When you feel good, we feel good, and on, and on, and on. 
  • Guided by integrity, we choose carefully and consciously how we work, knowing that every single word and action has the power to positively influence someone’s day, week, or life.
  • Our team is positive, motivated, and reliable, with exceptional professionalism and sincere respect for one another. The emphasis we put on having the best staff in the industry means we attract plentiful, loyal, and dedicated clientele. 


Our compensation is outstanding and above industry standard with average earnings per service between $50 and $65 which includes base pay plus gratuity. In addition we offer bonus pay, and frequent opportunities for performance based pay increases.


We provide exceptional benefits and rewards for our team including:

  • An incredibly generous and flexible time off policy!
  • Free services!
  • Bonuses!
  • Great Schedules!
  • 401K with employer matching!

And for Full Time employees we offer Paid Time Off on top of Bonus Hours as well as full medical benefits.

Your Well-Being:

Our team is the heart of what we do, and because Ojas was founded by a massage therapist, we know the importance of feeling healthy, supported, and well trained. We provide free services, full medical benefits, paid time off, and great schedules. 

Security in Bookings:

We have been in business for 19 years and have a large membership and exceptional reputation. Our training will teach you how to bring clients back using your unique talents. You’ll build your books with confidence and credibility, great tips, and predictable income.


We always put safety first, ensuring outstanding cleanliness and disinfection practices, and a strictly therapeutic environment for our team and clients. 

Training and Development:

We never stop improving at Ojas! The training we provide teaches you the proven and precise way we do things at Ojas so you feel confident and knowledgeable in your role. But we go far beyond that as well, by giving you the skills you need to build your book with loyal clientele and ensure career longevity. In addition, we offer no-cost, in house continuing education classes that count toward massage license renewal and ensure you’re able to continue expanding your skills.

To apply for a Massage Practitioner position, please click here.

Other Exciting Employment Opportunities at Ojas:

  • To apply for an Esthetics position, please click here.
  • If you are interested in a Management or Client Personnel position, please click here to apply and we will be in touch with more information.